Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clearance at Lifeway Christian Book Store

We made a trip to Lifeway yesterday. In the clearance section I came across 4 books that caught my eye. They were called English Lessons from the Bible: Book of Mark. There are two books, book 1 and book 2. There are also student and teacher editions. We picked up the student and teacher editions for book 1. The total for both was around $7.50. Now, I wish we had gotten both book 2 editions as well. I may have to send my hubby back to get them because the ones I saw were the only ones they had.
I think this will be very good when we start grammar with Landon. I'm not sure he is ready for it now, but I will go over a lesson and see how he responds.
Have any of you used this before? If so, how did it work for you?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I joined XtraMath for Landon earlier and as we were going through the first quizzes, it kept having problems and having to reload the page. Every.single.time we clicked the "next" button. Ugh! Wondering if anyone else is or has had this problem. I'm thinking of trying it in another Internet browser. Maybe that will help.
I just tried logging in on my iPad. It seems the site can be used from an iPad, including viewing the videos and entering the answers to the questions. This may be how we use this site until I can make it work on the laptop.

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I've finally got Landon onto Starfall. I showed it to him earlier this morning and he has been playing it ever since.
Level 1 is the ABCs, which he already knows. So, I started him at Level 2: Learn to Read. He has been going through the lessons quickly as they are easy for him to understand. Landon seems to be liking it pretty well. I even had to inform him that it is "school stuff". He looked at me like I was crazy. Lol.
He loves video games and I think things like this will keep his attention a lot better than just looking at pieces of paper. I believe this is a great site that will go along well with our book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons".
And best of all, Starfall is a free site. They do sell items in their store and have a download center.
Starfall does have a paid iPad app. However, it is only Level 1: ABCs. I really wish they had the other levels available as well. I guess I can get it for Eli to,learn his ABCs.

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